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The enterprise evolution can probably divide into three stages .

At the first stage(1989 --1994)
set up three 1250KW3,24-hour smelt the production lines successively. Annual production is 15,000 tons. At the period,carborundum production equipment is simple accoding to the state of our country at that time.And the products were in large demand.

Second stage( 1995 --1998)
We sets up one 5000KW ,28-hour smelt production line. Continues expanding the output scale on the basis of the first stage.At the same time, Smelt technology exchange and smelt and improve and smelt for direct current, Having improved the mechanized level, product quality improves to some extent, but there is not leap of the quality. The domestic colleague's enterprise is this kind of situation basically too.

Three stage (From 1995)
The enterprise has developed the senior carborundum since the end of 1995.
Through observing to the carborundum product quality and manufacturer in foreign countries that studies, Through the abundant demonstration and constructing intensely of two years, built and put into production the production line which produce high density of ten thousand big crystallization carborundum tons per year in February of 1998, Smelt and product quality reach and lead at home technology. The building up of this production line, has finished history without advanced carborundum products of our country, have filled in the domestic blank. " National Key New Product Certificate"jointly issued by State Ministry of Science and Technology at the end of 1998. Indefinite type refractory material and bone material those used in domestic steels smelt enterprises make the good result. It substitutes the import products make a contribution to development of the domestic indefinite type refractory.


  Lanzhou Heqiao Resource Co., Ltd. is an enterprise group that manufactures and exports silicon carbide.